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Product name:CEC Start-Up Kits
Product model:CEC-SU-KIT-001
Product overview
  • Capillary Electrochromatography Start-Up Kits

    Our CEC-Kit includes a manual syringe pump and a capillary inspector, everything needed to transform a CE instrument into a CEC system that provides HPLC-type of separation with high efficiency, high resolution and high selectivity. The manual syringe pump and the capillary inspector can be used to condition and inspect a packed capillary column conveniently prior to its installation into the CE or CEC instrument.

    Capillary Inspector CEC-CI-001

    Manual Syringe Pump (CEC-MSP-001)

    Product No.Description
    CEC-SU-KIT-001A manual syringe pump and a capillary inspector (including CEC-MSP-001 and CEC-CI-001)
    CEC-MSP-001A manual syringe pump plus an extra 0.5-mL syringe and extra 365- m m i.d. polyethylene tubing
    CEC-CI-001A capillary inspector including a 30x microscope and a light source plus an extra bulb and three "AA" batteries