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Product name:Globalsil® NH2 Column
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Product overview

It can both be used under normal and reversed phase mode.

  • Globalsil® NH2 packing is bonded with amino-propyl silane using ultra pure spherical silica gel as base material.  Depending on the choice of eluent, it can both be used under normal and reversed phase mode. 

    Especially, it is useful for saccharide separation using acetonitrile/water or methanol/water. And It is also recommended for the separation of basic compounds under normal phase conditions using simple eluents such as hexane/ethyl acetate,  isopropanol/ ethyl alcohol.

    The amine functionality provides higher reactivity and is an ideal choice formany SFC applications.

    When one Globalsil®NH2 column is used under both normal and reversed phases, pay attention to use  isopropanol for transition.

  • We supply columns packed with 3 µm, 5 µm, 10 µm, 15 µm, 20 µm and 50 µm particles.

    Special requirments can be customized.