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Product name:EasySep®3030 HPLC system
Product model:3030
Product overview

EasySep®3030 HPLC is a new generation analytical HPLC system. It has newly designed apperance and style with special Unimicro workstation, which enable high flow accuracy, better sensitivity and more intelligent operation.

Standard gradient HPLC system and dual-channel gradient HPLC system are avaliable.

  • Fully automated control all the operations of every unit of HPLC system, including autosampler, pump, column oven and detector  with new keyless exterior design. Thus, customers can easily gain access to reliable data and gain the function of no-person on duty, which can greatly increase the work effiffifficiency.

    Provide real-time leakage monitoring, thus providing security for sample analysis while customers are absent.

    Usage information, exchange and maintenance of major instruments consumables are recorded in real time, which can completely comply with FDA CFR 21 part 11.

    The optional degasser can realize online degassing for pump and autosampler, which can avoid producing bubbles by injection and pump gradient mixing, greatly reducing the baseline noise and baseline drift.

    Completely new communication mode with network server can fully control all the operations of every unit of HPLC system, which can increase data transfer rate and gain reliable data.